A PERSONAL WELCOME from Sir Jackie Stewart

... chairman of the Grand Prix Mechanics Charitable Trust

As a driver, my life was in the hands of my mechanics every time I took to the track so I have the absolute admiration for the job that they do.  

When I competed in Formula 1, it was my greatest fear that there may one day be a major accident or fire in the pit lane and the mechanics, who put their lives at risks to aid drivers in their pursuit of victory, may be injured.
So in 1987, I set up the Grand Prix Mechanics Charitable Trust with the aim of supporting the needs of those men who are the true professionals of the sport.
I’m pleased to say that 25 years later – and I can’t believe it has been that long - the Trust is doing very well. We have been able to help so many mechanics and their families during that time, some of whom we’ve written about – you can view these on our Trust in Action page.
It is for this reason that the Trust continues today, offering support far beyond the pit lane.
Back when I started the Trust, we thought it would only be needed if an accident occurred in the pit lane and there wasn’t enough insurance to provide medical assistance.
These days, teams are properly insured, but in later life, no matter where they go or what job they do, mechanics will be able to call up the Trust in times of need when their circumstances have changed.  
It is critical we provide this support to these men across the generations, and with your help, I hope to continue to assist them for another 25 years and beyond.
My personal thanks goes to everyone who has supported the Trust since it was created and to those who about to do so.
Sir Jackie Stewart OBE
August 2012

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