The Trust can help current and former mechanics in a number of ways from offering expert advice in how to maximise the financial support available from the government to using Trust funds to assist those who are struggling financially.

The Trust employs an experienced Needs Assessor whose role is to help mechanics who are eligible for state benefits. Often people are unaware of the financial support available to an individual and their families as a result of an accident or illness so the social worker will spend some time with you working out what you are eligible to claim for.

Additionally, a number of the Trustees are available to offer advice in their specialist fields and may be in a position to introduce mechanics to specialists where applicable.

The Trust can also provide financial support to those whose needs cannot be met through other avenues. Have a look at “The Trust in Action” page to see small selection of mechanics who have received the Trust’s help for various reasons.

Each case for financial support is discussed on an individual basis with the Trust’s Needs Assessor before being presented to the Appeals Committee. Each enquiry is kept in the strictest of confidence.

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There are also a series of guides available to mechanics which give guidance in dealing with difficulties brought about by the current economic climate. Those can be found by clicking here

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