Cakes all round to celebrate 25th anniversary

The Grand Prix Mechanics Charitable Trust met with each of the 12 Formula 1 teams at Silverstone and gave them a special cake to mark the 25th anniversary since its formation.
The Trust’s founder Sir Jackie Stewart, a three-time Formula 1 world champion, spent the afternoon meeting mechanics in the Silverstone pit-lane on the Thursday before the 2012 British Grand Prix.
Founded in 1987, the Trust aimed to improve standards of safety in the pit lane for mechanics as well as provide assistance should those mechanics fall on hardship during their career or once they had left the sport.
Now 25 years later, the Trust offers support to current mechanics as well and Thursday’s event served to inform mechanics, particularly those who have not heard of the Trust, of the help that is available.
“We distributed 12 cakes to 12 teams and did it when surrounded by mechanics, some of whom weren’t fully aware about the help the Trust can provide,” said Stewart.
“It’s great that we were able to do it and every team understood what were about just that little bit more.
“Now they are F1 grand prix mechanics, for rest of their life, no matter what else they do or where else they go, they will be able to call up the Trust in times of hardship.
“When we started this we thought it would only be able to support the raw action that occurred in the pit lane f there wasn’t enough insurance to cover it.
“Now all these teams are well insured, but in later life as mechanics pass 60 or 70, suddenly their circumstances might be different and there’s nobody to help them. The Trust is here for that purpose.”
The Trust will be holding a mechanics reunion in September to celebrate it’s 25th anniversary at the Williams F1 team headquarters in Grove, Oxfordshire.
All former and current f1 mechanics, who are registered with the Trust, will receive an invitation to the day which includes lunch, a tour of the Williams f1 Grand Prix Collection and an opportunity to swop stories and reminisce with old friends and colleagues. for more information on this forthcoming event, see the news story above.

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