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The Grand Prix Mechanics Charitable Trust is dedicated to providing help to former and current Formula 1 mechanics and their families, putting F1 mechanics throughout the world in touch with each other and raising funds to help in times of need. 


Founded in 1987 by Sir Jackie Stewart, and supported by a wide and varied board of Trustees, the Trust recognises that today’s F1 team members work in a considerably safer environment than many of their predecessors.  They are well looked after by their teams, but who knows what the future holds for any of us?  

The Grand Prix Mechanics Charitable Trust is available to all, free of charge, as a further form of ‘insurance’.  It is able to get lives back on track by…

·         Providing personal and professional support

·         Offering help tailored to individual needs…

·         …and guidance with welfare benefits

·         Providing financial assistance

·         Arranging rehabilitation or repatriation



The work of Trust is illustrated throughout this website.  If you would like to join, donate, or need some help, please do get in touch. 



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